Alpha Arbutin Serum | Brightening Serum | Whitening cream – Juicy Skin Care (0.5 oz) – Feminine Care Review

Juicy Skin Care recommends Future Solution Ex Arbutin & Serinsilk Brightening serum with alpha-arbutin
(This product is suitable for those who have problems of pores, blemishes and dark spots.)
It has been developed in equivalent to natural extracts. This is the most cogent skin care solving your skin problems safely without prohibited substances.
Applying it daily with sunscreen cream, your skin will be more beautiful.
General products for blemish skin may contain prohibited substances, but
free-prohibited substance skin care providing the performance you will be satisfied.

Apply it at day and night, to take care of your skin but not darken your new acne.

Results may be based on the individual’s skin condition.
Instruction: Apply it on your face and neck
Wrinkle Lifting Firming with Arbutin Facial Serums, Gives skin a glowing and radiant complexion.
The product is a serum that goes on the skin smoothly.
Can be feel brightening the skin and reducing the appearance of dark spots and age spots
In fact, everybody’s skin type is different and the effects may not be the same or visible for everyone.
This serum comes in a pump style bottle which ensures the product’s stability and portability when traveling.

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