How To Feed Your Pet?

For dog food to be a lot and a little. With experience, the owner will be easier to feed the pet, because he will know how much he does not lack, and how many do not.

How To Feed Your Dog

After feeding your pet, do not leave the bowl for more than 15-20 minutes, so you train your dog have at one time. True dry food can be left for the day – a pet can at any time access to food. This is useful if you are not at home for a long time. You can secure food for dogs buy cues in Zooservis – an online market where you can find quality products from well known brands Beaphar, Espree, Bayer.

Feed adult dogs need twice a day, and puppies 6 times a day. Portions should be equal and serve their need at a particular time. Food for dogs is not necessary to add salt! Also, do not need to fill it with spices – all these supplements for people and not fit for animals.

Dog feeding should buy or make your own stand, where you can put a bowl of food and water. The dog should always be poured clean and fresh waters. Do not skimp on food to pet. If for one reason or another dog missed food, then feed it should be, as always, without increasing the dose.


By the way, try not to mix the food – it is also harmful. For example, the milk does not go to the vegetables – they should be given separately only.

Dog food should be different, but when the dog likes one type of food more than the other, it can be given more frequently. Also use royal canin dog food – it is a safe and useful, with the help of it you can balance the pet’s diet.

It is not necessary to feed the pet hour after a walk and two hours before walking. Accurately measure time, otherwise you will cause serious damage to his health.

For Dogs & Their Development Will Be Needed Vitamins

Vitamin A is more in need of it growing organisms. Contained in various greens, carrots, milk, corn, blood, liver, egg yolk. There is also a bait with this component – can be used for puppies.

Vitamin B is good at the treatment of various diseases. Found in meat, fish, liver, cheese, dairy products, vegetables.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. Contained in vegetables, grass, greenery, in the algae.

Vitamin D, is important for normal animal growth, protects against disease. Found in fish oil.

Dog Vitamins

Vitamin E is responsible for the normal and healthy skin. Contained in egg yolks, oil, wheat, meat and plant products.

Vitamin F, remarkable effect on the animal’s skin. Contained in linseed oil. It can be mixed with other products.

Vitamin K is important for the whole organism. Found in meat, cabbage, parsley, spinach and so on.

Vitamin PP, vitamin if that is not enough, that is, the risk of developing pellagra. Contained in meat, fish, buckwheat, legumes and liver.

Final Thoughts

Consult with your veterinarian – in some cases it may be necessary to use therapeutic food for dogs. Remember this is a specialized production and do not buy it without consulting your doctor. Conventional food is purchased let on your own – if it’s high quality products from well-known brands, the harm from them will not.


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