6 Best Sports To Do With Your Dog: Your Pet Becomes A Perfect Personal Trainer

This article is all about sports with your dog.

You will learn how your four-legged can be a perfect personal.

And get tips on what sports are good and how your dog can motivate you permanently to sport.

Sports With Dogs: The Ideal Combination

Sports With Dogs

A dog is the ideal partner for sports, exercise and leisure.

He motivates and “forces” you to go out several times daily to the fresh air. It does not require a long persuasion. A look from the faithful eyes and the thought of what maltheur happens when you do not go out with your four-legged, suffice.

The nice thing about this is that the movement units are absolutely natural. In no second would you think that you just completed a sweaty training session just to shape your body. Before your dog you do not have to prove yourself – if you want to change into a comfortable tempo, then it is so.

Guaranteed, you will not be mocked and derided by your four-legged companion. Cozy walks, funny agility and fast-paced sprinting alternate, and this is the key to a balanced and above all healthy exercise with your beloved dog as a personal trainer.

Running is not the only way for common sports. In the following, I would like to introduce you to the sport in which your dog can be a perfect training partner.

What Kind of Sports Can I Do With My Dog?


Dog Cycle

Many dogs love to run alongside the bike. There are also special bicycle brackets for the dog, which you can mount on your bike.

But you must not forget to stop, so that your four-legged can also sniff meadows and forests.

During this break, you can also start retrieving games. Especially a Frisbee disc or a good, big throw bone from hemp are suitable for this particularly well. It is fun for the dog to bring you the booty again and again and you train your arm muscles almost unintentionally.


Dogs Swim

Just when your dog loves to swim, you can not stop the warm summer months and it goes to the lake.

Many dogs also love to accompany you on the surfboard, paddle boat or kayak. They proudly sit at the top of the vehicle like a figurehead and are happy when they can bounce back into the water. The paddles are your training device.

The extra bonus for you is, you can refill your sun and refresh your tan.

On The Road With Rollerblades, Skateboard & Dog

Skates With Dog

For the rollerbade with your dog, you should have some experience in this sport.

Either way you should not forget your knee protectors and arm protectors. Even if you are often unsure about your roles, your dog will not laugh at you.

A basic prerequisite for the rollerbade with the dog is in any case, that your dog is really good to listen to you and unrestrained to retrieve.

Walking is an absolute must, because if your dog crosses the side during the trip, you can quickly spin.

In winter, you can change your skates against skates. But also with snowshoe hikes and cross-country skiing, your beloved four-legged dog is guaranteed to be happy with it. In the ski area more and more skiers are appearing, which make the slopes unsafe with their dog.

The Dog As A Gym Trainer

Dog Exercise

On the meadow or in your own garden, even in the own four walls you can organize gymnastics, stretching exercises and dog dancing.

Train your fur nose to go under your stretched leg or jump over. You can also bounce together: you go into the crouch and your dog jumps over you.

You can also build a small obstacle course with obstacles. The dog is sure to have fun when not only he has to master the hurdles, but also bosses or moms get a sweat. Do not forget to reward your furnase with a treat.

Dog-dancing is funny and you have fun to learn a little choreography of your four-legged companion. You also get a good start.

Yoga & Doga – The New, Quiet Trendsport Style

Dog Yoga

Many videos on the Internet show how dog owners and four-legged friends have a lot of fun with yoga .

Doga, in particular, is an absolute trend. There are numerous courses in fitness studios, which teach the master and dog different yoga positions. In the German-speaking world, this trend has not yet really come true. If you are looking for Doga here, you will find the “Dortmund Society for Waste”.πŸ˜‰

Either way, the Doga theme can also be tackled very slowly and without great pressure: Put your dog next to your yogamatte as well as a training place and you can start. Many dogs imitate the various yoga exercises by themselves and even if your dog can not make the perfect bridge or candle, he is certainly unbeatable in the position “dog looking down”.

With The Dog In The Footsteps of Marco Reus & Co.

Dog Football

Even dogs are wild on football. Be sure to get a ball that is suitable for four-legged friends and you can already rage over the lawn.

You will be amazed at how cleverly your fur nose is chasing the ball and holding you in your breath.

It does not matter who shoots the most goals, it just matters which elan you are both flitting across the field. You can also teach your dog to maneuver the ball through your legs in aft formations, or push the ball away with both the snout and the paws.


No matter what sports you want to do with your dog, your four-legged friend will always accompany you with pleasure.

Dogs are the perfect personal trainers that support and motivate you with a lot of perseverance, love and faithful looks.

Especially at a young age, dogs can train incredibly well, so that most sports can be trained without problems.

For the further research is definitely worth a trip to YouTube. There you will find the craziest dog sports. In addition to skiers, who make the mountains unsafe with their dogs , you will find, among other things, so-called parachute dogs, which are used, for example, by the Austrian military.

Either way you should always remember that not every dog ​​is suitable for all sports. You should therefore take utmost care of your dog’s well-being. If he is afraid or pain, the sport must be interrupted directly.

In all sports, the fun should be a priority. πŸ™‚

What sports do you do with your dog? Leave a comment, I would be pleased.


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